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How injuries can teach you important things about yourself

I remember a conversation with one of my friends training for a marathon. As he mentioned he is training consists of running every weekend without music for three to four hours, I couldn’t help not asking what’s going through his mind during all that time. His answer took me a back then, but now it definitely makes sense: “All the time I am thinking about moving my legs in the correct way, not taking too long or too short strides, not lifting my knees too high or dragging my feet. If I get injured is the end of it, so I am talking to my legs all the time: left -write, breath, heal-toe, left-write, land light and safely, left-write…I never get bored of it.”

I think of it now, but it might be too late. On the treadmill I was only thinking: this is so fun, let’s try one level faster with even more incline. The result is that for the past days, I’ve been barely able to walk. My right hip seems to be somehow detached from my body and which makes stepping on the leg very painful. Can’t accept I’ve hurt myself…I only think I stretched something and if I take it easy for one day or two the pain is going to go away. Stretching a lot and giving my legs a break while working out on my core strength, my breathing and my mental strengths might be the way. Maybe this is just a sign I need to meditate more.

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