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Hut trip day two: once going up proves possible, skiing down might seem challenging

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Part two

Finally, we reach the peak and we stop for a bit to let our eyes breath the air of the breathtaking views. The moment I waited for so long is about to come: skins off and we ski downhill. My first time skiing downhill outside of a resort – I am speechless even if the snow is crusty, and it is hard to get the edges in. It is like swimming in the ocean versus swimming in the pool. I wish I could do this all day. I want to suggest going up once more, only to be able to ski down, but Jon is far ahead of me.

So much I learned since I started training and there is so much more that I don’t know anything about. I learned about pain, about ridges being way farther way than they seem, about sweat, about getting cold and finding breathing difficult, about ruthless winds… I am not afraid of any these. I am not afraid of the things I found out about, but I am afraid of all the others I haven’t learned about yet and might take me by surprise.

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