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Is it you tricking your mind or your mind tricking you?

Sometimes when training I get angry with myself because of a thought that pops up into my mind: you need to stop, this is too much for you, you can’t go any further. It is like a new version of Eve’s temptation - stop and all your pain will go away. But if you do stop, the pain doesn’t go away, and you are only asking yourself: why did I give up so soon? If you keep going, the pain is just the same and your soul will glow when you’re done. I hate the moment when the thought creeps in because it means I am not focused enough on my training and there is some space in my brain not involved in what I am doing. The body can go on for hours and hours after Eve’s temptation and it is the mind that's keeping us from reaching our full potential. If the mind were numb and the body will decide when it drops down, things would be different.

People say the weakness of their body keeps them away from accomplishing the dreams that require physical fitness…. but from a certain level of physical fitness forward, is our mind keeping us captive. I am pushing my body to uncharted territories and it is fascinating indeed to see it is possible…learning new things about myself even though I thought that’s really rare when you are thirty-eight. Some days I trick myself with “one more mile”, “five more minutes” over what I targeted at the beginning of the workout and my trick works. It is like my mind is a child and I need to talk my mind into doing what it is right. “One more mile” asked from your mind for ten times in a row is completely different than “ten more miles” one time. I say to myself “one more mile” as if this is the last mile separating me from the summit…and I picture myself walking up on the last ridge to the top.

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