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Ladders …to heaven…or hell?

Reading the Allan Arnette blog on crossing the ladders over crevasses. I know that on the Tibet side there are less than on Nepal’s one, but I figure that once you know how to deal with them, crossing five or two hundred doesn’t really make a difference.

Allan writes about looking at anything but the depth of the crevasse - such as your boot or the rung in front of you. Is there a smart technique like finding your “drishti" when doing the crow or any balancing pose in yoga? Again, is all about tricking our mind instead of letting your mind tricking you…never ending game.

I’ve only crossed ladders over a crevasse in some of my nightmares, but my guide Jon assured me it is going to be part of my training. What worries me to a certain extent is that women have the tendencies to do it first times on their knees…or at least this is the story some documentaries are telling. Kathy O’Dowd confesses that she did the same for the first few times until figuring it out. Don’t know if men are too proud to kneel or to recognize they did kneel when they’d tried it for the first time. What will I do? To kneel or not to kneel, this is the question.

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