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Learning from my injury

The hip injury put me in front of a difficult decision: to train less, to give my body space to heal or to train in the same way, and risk not being able to do the trip at all? The lack of information makes it difficult to decide…so I listen to my intuition which says: do whatever training that doesn’t hurt too much. Therefore, from running I am switching to swimming and biking.

The morning swimming training at UDC, starting at 5.45 o’clock is kind of rough as the water feels like freezing cold and the group is super advanced compared with me. But only after few times going there I feel I am swimming better, and I like it. So maybe the injury is trying to tell me to swim more, as that might prove helpful for the moment when I will be finally able to sail across the globe.

Biking also feels good and my favorite trails - Mount Vernon and C&O Canal to Great Falls give me the opportunity to be in the nature and close to the river, so I can’t ask for anything more

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