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Life on a pendulum

Almost every day is a combination of ups and downs, of hope and darkness, of “yes - I am daring and strong enough, and I am going to do this”, and “no - what the hack is wrong with me and why am I throwing myself into this sure way of killing myself”?

The days when my training goes well are a blessing: yes, I am going to focus and endure the pain and break all my limits and somehow get to the top.

The days when the harmony of the universe is disturbed, are a nightmare. What do you know about Chomolungma? Who gave you the right to go climb it? That mountain doesn’t know you and it is sick and tired of tourists that have nothing better to do with their lives. What do you know about climbing mountains when you spent most of your life in an office and reading books? Who are you compared with the famous mountaineers with their incredible stories of climbing from a young age an impressive number of peaks? How do you think your morning training might count when the famous mountaineers were training for entire days and years before attempting the Everest? No matter how much your mind will push, your body is not trained enough to do it.

Living life on a pendulum and never getting bored.

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