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Second day – breaking fear barriers

Because the weather forecast is not favorable for climbing a peak, my guide decided to have a training day of skiing in Vail - good cardio after all.

Even though I was a mess on the first slopes, intimidated by the fact that my guide skied the Colorado 14ers and even wrote a book about it, I succeeded to focus a bit better as the day advanced. More, later in the afternoon after breaking through some tough fear barriers, skiing felt almost like flying.

The surest way to enhance your skills in any area is to break barriers - fear barriers, pain barriers, preconceptions. If whenever our body and mind tell us to stop we just keep going, listening to something higher we have in ourselves, we break barriers. In a metaphysical way we connect to a universal mind and body from where we draw the energy and the strengths to keep on going. The pain and the fear are the price we pay if we want to go on the other side of the barrier. The stronger the pain and the fear, the farthest we get. Not once I’ve been wondering why some people get stuck in a certain area when it comes to developing their mind and their body. The answer is that every time they reach the barrier they stop...the price is too high for them and they find tones of reasons to stop. I don’t want to get stuck.

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