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Every journey begins with the first step

Am I really doing this, or I’ve just lost my mind? It is 5 o’clock in the morning and I am training in the gym. So anxious about the training that I woke up before the 4.30 am alarm went on. Nobody knows I finally dared to follow my dream and it seems almost unreal.

Don’t have an exact plan yet but running on the treadmill feels good…the sweat dripping off my arms seems like a good start…two miles…three miles…four miles. Don’t feel tired at all as embracing my dream gives me energy and makes me feel as if I am someone else. It is not the “current” me running but a version of me way more physically fit, from a prior life, maybe when I was a fearless gladiator fighting in the arena. When looking at my skinny legs and my bony arms I imagine them strong and muscular, a bit like Brienne of Tarth’s, from Game of Thrones and it helps. The only pain I feel is triggered by the thought that I am not allowed to run for too long from day one but take it gradually. It is hard to stop.

Biking is next…. five miles, ten miles…just sweat and happiness.

Shower and refreshing swimming…no sweat this time but my head is pounding and there is no room for thoughts…just for focusing on my arms, my legs and my breathing.

I feel like the Phoenix bird, reborn from…sweat. One of my best mornings ever. I am really doing this.

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