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Why to give up coffee after 20 years?

Reading all kind of articles about the long-term effects of caffeine on the body made me wonder if it is good idea to drink it while in base camp or during the rotations, when the days are so short, and the sleep is the main method to get your body ready for next day’s climb. With the half-time of caffeine being five hours, even one single cup in the morning will still leave a lot of caffeine active in my body late afternoon when you are about to go to sleep. Even if I like watching stars, maybe that’s not the best way of resting your body and getting ready for the next day.

More, I’ve read about climbers who went through hell because they had now coffee before the summit push. Once your body gets addicted to something, not being able to supply that something to your body may unnecessary decrease your energy and focus.

To insure success, you need to minimize the things that might go wrong.

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