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How everything started

It did not happen out of the blue…it started with the urge to do something, with a question   swirling incessantly through my brain: is there anything I can do to change this “order” that’s so unfair and outrageously wrong? Should I just continue to sit on the sofa and sigh every time I read about child marriage, child labor, about young girls having no access to education? Should I just go on and enjoy my life, ignoring the fact that millions of girls all over the world are robbed of their lives forever as they get stuck in poverty and forced marriages, ending up raising other girls who will have the same unfair destiny?

We read and talk less about the girls in the developed world that are still bullied and challenged at school, not to mention being told they are not strong enough to achieve their dreams…but they are out there, they suffer and they also need help to realize their potential.

I can’t stop wondering how many of these girls could had been brilliant scientists, engineers, world leaders, doctors or famous artists? Where would the world be now if at least half of the girls in developing countries had been offered the chance to a decent education in the last century and had been encouraged and supported in following their dreams ? Would the world be a different place now had they found the way to escape the existence others have mapped for them? 

I can’t change the world, but I can try to inspire girls to reach their true potential and beyond, to help them ignore the external and inner barriers and be fearless in following their dreams. While I have pushed myself to do things others said I can't do, there are still many dreams I stifled because the words “you can’t do it” have stuck with me and destroyed the bridges my imagination built in front of me. I hope to change this mindset, not only for me but for as many girls as possible. 


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