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Fun rock scramble and mind-blowing views

It looks like a too beautiful Sunday to spend in the gym, so I am heading to Old Rag Mountain in Shenandoah. Because is still cold, only few cars are parked at the head of the trail, which makes me happy because it means I’ll have all the mountain for myself.

Be bold, start cold…even though the temperature is close to zero Celsius, after few minutes of walking up the mountain I take my layers off and continue the climb in a short sleeve shirt - good conditioning for my arms. Sun is shining and to keep warm I increase the pace to the point where my walk becomes a light jog. No snow on the trail and definitely different than the Colorado’s hikes.

Close to the top, there are only rocks of all kind of shapes and in all possible combinations and the scramble is fun.

Finally, summit!!….and heavy winds. There is nothing tastier than a lunch on the summit, where both your stomach and your eyes are getting fed in the same type. Just another beautiful day.

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